The Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

The Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

  • George Papas

Few people comprehend the importance of holistic health.  Not only must one implement a wholesome diet, but they must also be part of an environment that complements this pursuit.  Tesla once said that if you want to explore the secrets creation, "you must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  This statement encompasses foods, crystals and all sorts of organic matter that resonates with energy; and since all matter emits its own frequency, we must explore the things that vibrate in a state that's medicinally conducive to us.

There are many homeopathic researchers who have discovered that the path to healthy living is one that's less traveled on nowadays, since modern living requires us to be exposed to energies that bring our state of being into a low vibrational level (5G, etc).  Feng Shui is one system that's practiced around the world that deals with the spatial arrangement of material things, and how energy flows through these. To live in harmony and tranquility with ones surroundings one must find ways to organize their inner (using inner alchemy) and outer living quarters (buildings or furniture that face magnetic north) to befit a favorable effect. 

To achieve this positive, high-vibratory flow of energy some use various tincture and oils.  Others use CBD and Hemp-based oils to induce the inner harmony.  There are also those who use divination and aroma therapy (smudging) to filter through these energies.  Musical mantras  and meditation are other alternatives you can explore.  Whatever way you choose, make sure to do so by researching and trying out what works best for you.  Once you can prove it to yourself, and you've raised your awareness, you can begin manifesting your reality and start living a longer, healthier life.  This short blog post was written by someone who has tried all these methods and urges all of you in turn to do the same. Wholeness and balanced vibrations to all.  Namaste


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