Essential Oils

Our essential oil collection contains a variety of proprietary blends.  They are 100% pure undiluted and made in the USA.  They are free of any chemicals, chemical preservatives, or any other artificial or unhealthy additives. 
You can use them for aromatherapy or apply them topically on your skin.  Some of our essential oils can be ingested, but you have to consult a doctor if you want them to use for therapeutic purposes.  If you want to ingest them, then we recommend you dilute one drop to every 4fl oz of water.
Each of our essential oils has a 'blends well with' in the description.  When you see this, we hope that you consider combining your selection with some of our other oils; because, when you begin to explore the aromatic and healing synergy that they naturally give, you'll experience how they all complement each other in some way.  We wish you good health and prosperity.

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