Zentrio is an international eCommerce shop put together to serve products that are packed with goodness. We focus on products that are Ayurvedic, infused with herbs, and raise the quality of life and general wellbeing of everyone.

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Tune in to mid year 2020 - the lockdowns just started to be in effect globally, and the world was hurled into a state of crisis, which brought upon us new norms to deal with, such as being in a state of full quarantine to limited social movement. This led to people having a growing sense of fear and anxiety about the future.  Three former colleagues-turned-friends, all of us enthusiastic about sports, meditation, quality of life, and healthy nutrition, discussed how hard it was to not find the right things online.  Especially the things that address this ever pervading problem, which now seems to perpetuate more and more through the news that we keep hearing (about Isolating ourselves).  These new societal norms have torn at peoples' emotions, making them feel agoraphobic and in a state of panic and denial.  

Therefore, despite being in this pandemic, I wanted to find the right type of products that bring peace, balance and harmony back into people's lives. My aim is to specialize in oil-based tinctures (such as CBD, Hemp and others) that provide the psychosomatic health benefits in a very short amount of time.  I became a guru in the field, and thus my enthusiasm became manifest through this site. 

I hope you navigate through our wellness products and find your inner Zen.  Our products are specially sourced and cannot be found on Amazon or any other large eCommerce platform.  I make sure that the quality is topnotch and unparalleled by thoroughly trying it out myself.  If you're wondering who I am, the one narrating this story; well, I'm the owner of the LLC, and my name is Geo (short for George).  My picture is all the way at the bottom of this page.

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