How To Have Fabulous Looking Feet


Step By Step Guide for Feet Care 

Feet are often unfairly neglected and overlooked, even though they require special care and products to stay in shape. Your feet allow you to walk, move you through the world, help you stand up during your day, and ground you. 

With summer just around the corner, show your feet some love by following these tips and tricks to keep your feet healthy, smooth, beautiful, and free of problems. Once your feet are looking their best and well-taken care of, you will love showing them off in your sandals and slippers! 


  • Soak them!

Soaking your feet in the water will help smooth out the skin, and it will make getting rid of dead skin cells much easier and much less painful. Soaking just your feet is fine, but enjoying a hot bath with Bath Salt added to the water is a real treat you should enjoy from time to time. So if you are looking to have a relaxing spa day at home, make yourself a drink, take a salt bath, put some soothing music on and enjoy!  


  • Remove dead skin cells. 

The skin on your feet is exceptionally thick, and your feet take a lot of beating up during the day, and the dead skin needs to be removed from time to time to reveal baby-smooth skin underneath. Using a Pumice Scrub or a Walnut scrub will get rid of that annoying layer of dead skin cells that blocks the skin pores. Removing the dead skin will allow the moisturizer to work on your feet and hydrate the skin deeply. No worries, that is the next step! Another advantage of our scrubs is that you can use them on the whole body; they can help you get rid of strawberry legs (large pores on your legs that happen due to shaving), elbows, and underarms. 


  • Scrub! 

Sometimes, a scrub is not enough, especially for those who suffer from dry and thick skin on their feet. If you suffer from calluses often, this could be the issue behind it! Pumice stone and brush are more robust measures that can help you scrub the dead skin off. Make sure to do the scrubbing after you have showered or taken a bath. 


  • Hydrate your feet 

The skin all over your body needs hydration to remain healthy, plump, and smooth. So, just like you apply moisturizer to your face, lotion to your legs and arms, and hand cream to your hands, you also need to use a moisturizer on your feet. Hand & Foot Butter is a perfect way deeply moisturize and protect your feet while reducing the chance of odor.

It is best to apply a feet moisturizer at night after showering, scrubbing, and washing your feet. Once you have applied the foot butter, put your dawn socks on. That will give enough time for the moisturizer to do its job. Just make sure not to leave your bed after applying a moisturizer to your feet. 


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